At one point in time, we have all pondered the reason for our existence. I’m sure you must have wondered if we’re here to learn? Or if this is a test of morality from GOD in which we either pass, fail or must live over again to get it right the next time.  And, if Life as we know it is a  pass/fail test, and we pass – are we then to believe we’re rewarded and sent to Heaven?  And, if we don’t pass, are we then sent to Hell?  Or perhaps you’ve thought maybe, our bodies are just reconstituted dust and we live over and over for no reason at all and that there is no such thing as GOD? 

Well, I have a theory which I believe could be the truth we’ve all sought…

But first, As Mobius said to Neo in the movie The Matrix, you have a choice, either you  take the blue pill and the story ends – and you can believe whatever you want to believe.


You take the red pill, and stay in wonderland and see how far the rabbit hole goes.

 The choice is yours …