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So, why are we here? …living, breathing, eating, loving, working, learning, teaching…

I was just as baffled as you until something shocking recently occurred in my life.  And, believe it or not, it was a movie that I watched that inadvertently opened my eyes to the big picture.

That movie was the Fourth Kind.

Its a true account about alien abduction. And at the very end of the movie, average every day citizens from all walks of life, with every imaginable occupation from pilots, to average joe’s talked about strange phenomenon that they had seen in the sky.

I even remember meeting someone once during the course of my life who actually described to me face to face the fact that she had seen lights in the sky that skimmed the tree line as she was driving and when she stopped, the lights became brighter and she realized that she had actually lost 35 minutes that she couldn’t account for… This lady wasn’t the type to joke around or make up a story just because she had the time. 

All of this made me wonder why would aliens abduct people and bring them back?

I put tremendous thought into this and the thing which stood foremost in my mind was that they were studying us. Like we are just creatures under a microscope. You’d hear about these strange devices, operations and implants in mostly every account when someone is put under hypnosis.

I am of the belief that the aliens work for the creator. This may sound warped but I believe that to earlier civilizations, they were considered angels.

The aliens didn’t just start coming. They’ve been here for thousands of years, this can be seen in all of the early heiroglyphics from the pyramids to the sumerian artifacts.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    So why would they study us? There is a possibility that we humans are in a very basic generic form, like a generic host that the alien geneticists would add different elements to from other worlds to make an adaptable species for other locations throughout the universe.

Could we be ‘raw’ material for genetic experiments to create life for other planets?

Its a known fact that thousands of people go missing every year.  Its also a fact that people all over the world get different types of diseases and ailments and cancers.  What if these diseases and cancers are due to alien experiments on us?

Oh, there is one more fact…that more and more people are beginning to report seeing UFOs…

Have you ever had some bump or bruise that you couldn’t explain, or what about a strange object under your skin?  I remember a few years back I had what felt like a tiny rectangular shaped item in the lobe of my left ear.  That items is gone now.  

Its my theory then that we are all generic hosts created by the supreme being to be used for cultivating life on other planets.  It is also my belief that as of 2012, they will make their presence known and we will finally be told by them directly, why we are…


The Red Pill

If you are an atheist, then you may wish that you had never taken the Red Pill because the reigns of truth are at hand.

Let me start to wipe the crust away from your eyelids as we begin to examine the Big Bang Theory.  The majority of scientists and cosmologists in the world agree that it occurred, but you don’t have to take their word, use your own common sense.

For example, ask yourself, “in the beginning, if there was nothing where did everything come from?”

Here’s how to put this question into perspective. If you have an empty room in your home and left and came back a day later or a month later or a year later, at what point would it become furnished with no intervention??? (think for a moment….)

Your answer will eventually…undoubtedly…be, that it will never be furnished if someone or something didn’t furnish it.  Right? Can you agree with this statement?

If you can, please continue…

Is it logical then to state that  ‘someone or something’ had to furnish it? I would say yes, what say you?

If you agree that ‘someone or something’ had to put everything where nothing existed, then you must also agree that whatever has the ability to create  limitless universes which contain matter, energy, atmosphere and life must be credentialed as an energy, matter and life producing entity.

Next, ask yourself. Does the Earth have a certain delicate balance of energy, matter, and atmosphere to effectively sustain indigenious life?

If you yes, then you are agreeing for certain that you exist.

So, if  YOU exist, is it not logical to assume that out there in the vastness of space there are other examples where the correct balance of matter, energy, and atmosphere could be successfully sustaining other forms of  indigenous life.

If you can say yes, then…

We can basically state that there is a creator and that we are not alone.

This isn’t over yet, we now get into God and the angels…

At one point in time, we have all pondered the reason for our existence. I’m sure you must have wondered if we’re here to learn? Or if this is a test of morality from GOD in which we either pass, fail or must live over again to get it right the next time.  And, if Life as we know it is a  pass/fail test, and we pass – are we then to believe we’re rewarded and sent to Heaven?  And, if we don’t pass, are we then sent to Hell?  Or perhaps you’ve thought maybe, our bodies are just reconstituted dust and we live over and over for no reason at all and that there is no such thing as GOD? 

Well, I have a theory which I believe could be the truth we’ve all sought…

But first, As Mobius said to Neo in the movie The Matrix, you have a choice, either you  take the blue pill and the story ends – and you can believe whatever you want to believe.


You take the red pill, and stay in wonderland and see how far the rabbit hole goes.

 The choice is yours …


When you finally find GOD, you might be surprised!